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Options, prices, benefits: Looking for the cheapest cell phone on the market

If you’re looking to cut down on costs or you’re simply tired of chasing the ever-moving train of smartphone releases, consider getting a cheaper phone.

Which mobile networks offer the best value?

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, Mobile Store has it ready and waiting for you. Through hundreds of contracts and packages across five networks and four smartphone brands, Mobile Store has the deal for you.

Phone Specials: The best and worst times to get a new phone contract

With Apple, Samsung and Huawei dominating the global smartphone industry with new smartphones coming out every few months, it almost feels like a never-ending cycle of feeling the need to have the latest smartphone model

Fitness Apps and Trackers For Phone Pairing

Smart watches, fitness apps and trackers for phone pairing are an excellent way to blend your phone into your fitness regimen.

Looking for a new phone? Let’s compare prices, features, contracts and more

Getting to unbox a brand-new, shiny phone — that you’ve had your eye on for months — is like the grown-up version of Christmas.

Travelling soon? Use these apps and digital maps to create the ultimate travel itinerary

Mobile Store also knows that using your phone can turn a good road trip into a great one. Let’s take a look at some helpful travel apps, and how creating a digital travel map can enhance any of your travel plans.

How to set up Android for your phone.

New to Android? You’ll want to follow Mobile Store’s easy tips and tricks for set up and a better mobile experience.

How have smartphones affected our generation?

Mobile Store takes a look at the impact smartphones have had — both positive and negative - on their owners.

Looking for a budget phone? Mobile Store’s top picks for 2022.

Many entry-level and mid-range smartphones have impressive cameras, battery life, display specs and more! Mobile Store gives the scoop on the top budget phones so you can get shopping!

How using a health app can benefit your daily life.

With over 300,000 mobile health apps available for downloading — the saying “there’s an app for that” could not be more fitting. Mobile Store takes a look at the best health apps around, and how they could be beneficial to you.

SA’s top mobile networks: Here’s what you need to know

Looking for a new mobile network? Mobile Store takes an objective look at South Africa’s top mobile networks and what to look for when browsing for a new network.

iPhone commands, set-up and more: Everything you need to know about “Hey Siri”

Ever wanted a personal assistant? Mobile Store introduces you to Apple’s cheeky but intelligent virtual assistant - Siri!

Samsung S21 Ultra 5G: A top-shelf choice for your new smartphone in 2022

There’s a reason it’s called the Ultra: When it came to building the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G, the mobile phone giant did not spare on the upgrades. Let Mobile Store give you a tour of what could be your next premium-range smartphone!

Why choosing contract phones is the better choice for you.

Wondering about whether you should be getting your new phone on contract, or if getting it up front is the right choice? Mobile Store has the lowdown.

How does listening to music affect exercise?

Music is a universal language and Mobile Store shares the benefits of listening to music while breaking a sweat as well as top cell phone specials to get you running on beat.

Looking for a new phone contract? Compare phones with Mobile Store

Mobile Store breaks down the features you should look for and gives you the lowdown on smartphone cameras so that you can make the best decision when comparing phones.

Ready for you mobile upgrade? Here are our top picks for 2022!

Take a look at Mobile Store’s best recommendations for your next upgrade. Phone deals offering better battery life, trustworthy security, top notch camera features and improved hardware are all in the bag for 2022!

Extra phone contract admin fees to watch out for

Networks are not always up front about are the initial contract start-up fees. Whether you’re upgrading or starting a new contract, keep reading as Mobile Store breaks down extra contract admin fees that you should expect.

40 Years of evolution: How the mobile phone has changed?

The journey of evolution for the mobile phone has been an exciting one. Mobile Store looks at historical moments that moved the industry forward.

Top Vodacom Deals For You in 2022

Are you in search of the best contract to suit your needs, from a reliable supplier? Mobile Store has you covered with a breakdown of the very best Vodacom deals available!

How to find your device - when it is lost or stolen.

Mobile Store shows you how to activate and use Find My iPhone and Find My Mobile for both iPhone and Android users.

The best place to buy mobile phones

Your search for a new mobile phone store is about to get a whole lot easier: It’s online! Long gone are the days where you had to stand in a crowded smartphone store, or a long line at a carrier’s branch with tons of paperwork, to apply for a smartphone contract.

Best cell phone deals and accessories

Are you trying to figure out which mobile deal is the best around? Mobile Store has got the inside scoop on the very best cell phone deals on offer — so you don’t have to search through thousands of pages to get what you’re looking for.

Samsung Galaxy A31: All the details`

The Samsung Galaxy A31 is one of the brand’s mid-range smartphones, but don’t let this classification steer you away — the A31 packs a punch, combining top features and affordability. Mobile Store breaks down the top features of the Samsung Galaxy A31 so that you can decide if this is the smartphone for you!

The best MTN deals in 2021

Rated best mobile network in 2020, this sunny-yellow provider is known for its top-class quality and great MTN deals. We have the answers on everything you've ever asked about MTN.

All you need to know about phone contracts

Mobile phones are a huge expense when purchased upfront. That's why most people take out phone contracts instead. But how do phone contracts work, and are they cheaper in the long run? In this guide, you'll find out everything you've ever wondered about opening a contract for your phone.

How do Huawei phones compare with other brands?

Huawei phones have taken huge leaps in the smartphone world. Wondering where they rank in comparison to Samsung and Apple? You've come to the right place.

Mobile Store’s Top Tips to Stay Safe on the Internet

Technology has become part of our daily lives. We use mobile phones, laptops and other media devices as routine and often find ourselves momentarily lost on the internet more than often in the day.

Best Value Phones on the Market

Smartphones have become an important tool in our everyday life. We take a look at four of the most affordable phones on the market, that offer everything you would need from your smartphone and more.

What’s the latest iPhone?

The latest iPhone 12 range has been well-received by Apple fans and techies worldwide. In this article, Mobile Store lays out the specs and compares the slightest niggles of every model, so you don’t have to. Of course, we also found ourselves asking, what’s next in store after the iPhone 12?