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Sony-Ericsson S312


The Sony Ericsson S312 is a simple and easy to use handset that will satisfy those users who require a handset that contains all the basics and includes a little bit of flair! The S312 comes with a 2 Inch TFT screen and provides a beautiful 262 thousand colour display. The screen has a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels and comes with a crystal clear display. This handset has a good sized circular navigation key and easy to press call keys for ease of use.

The S312 is an imaging focused handset which comes with easy to use camera and video features. An integrated 2 MP camera comes with a quick access capture key and an integrated 2.5 x digital zoom function. The user can view colourful and animated wallpapers on their beautiful 2 Inch screen, and this screen works well as a viewfinder when the user is using the camera. The Sony Ericsson S312 comes with a photo fix feature, this allows the user to adjust the photo brightness, contrast and light with one press of the photo fix key. The Sony Ericsson S312 comes with a photo light which will brighten up those darker environments when capturing a photo. It also supports a video light which will add light to those moving video recordings. The phones built in video features allow the user to enjoy video playback, video recording and video storage on the Sony Ericsson S312. The phone comes with an Openwave Internet browser which allows the user to enjoy a XHTML Web experience on their phone. The user will be able to search for information and access social networking sites in order to stay in touch with friends online. The user can create, send, receive and store messages on the Sony Ericsson, which makes this handset a perfect messaging device, allowing the user to communicate using messages instead of making a call. The S312 supports a text messaging service and a multimedia messaging service which allows the user to communicate using text and even pictures or video.

This attractive bar shaped mobile phone comes with 15 MB of internal memory. The user has the option to add a Micro M2 memory card to extend their phones memory capabilities further if more storage is needed for music and much more. The S312 supports Bluetooth wireless technology which means the user can connect to other Bluetooth compatible devices and enjoy a wireless connection when transferring data between the two devices. A Bluetooth connection can be gain between Bluetooth devices which are up to 10 metres apart from each other. This handset comes with a USB port which allows the user to insert a compatible USB cable to connect the handset to other devices when transferring files. The Sony Ericsson S312 works on dual band GSM network which works over GSM 900 and GSM 1800. It's built in EDGE and GPRS technology allows the user to enjoy high speed transfer rates.

The user can enjoy a gaming experience on their S312 and the handset supports Java games for a lively gaming display. A built in FM radio comes with a RDS radio feature which allows the user to view radio information on the screen whilst listening to their favourite station. The accessibility of this information will be dependent on the radio station being listened to. A music player allows the user to enjoy their favourite songs whilst on the move and the user can transfer music files using either a USB connection or a Bluetooth wireless connection to transfer files. The Sony Ericsson S312 supports a TrackID music recognition feature which allows the user to record a short section of a song they like the sound of, and the TrackID music feature will provide the user with the name of the song, artist or group and the name of the album. The user can enjoy a wireless connection to compatible headphones as the handset supports Bluetooth stereo A2DP technology. The user will be able to enjoy MP3 ringtones, AAC ringtones and polyphonic sound ringtones on their mobile phone.

The Sony Ericsson S312 comes in a bar shaped casing which gives the handset a solid feel but it is an incredibly lightweight phone. It weighs only just a fraction over 80 grams and its overall dimensions are 100mm x 46mm x 12.5mm which is compact enough for the user to enjoy carrying their S312 in their jacket pocket. The user can enjoy approximately 8 hours of GSM talk time or 400 hours of battery standby time from a fully charged battery when recharged via the power adapter provided.

* Handset colour may vary.